Getting Started

Before you start using the Afri-EU platform, there are a few steps to complete before you can be fully active. Please read through the following steps and complete them as soon as you can.

Please keep in mind that the Afri-EU platform offers a badge system which could allow you to earn points when completing certain steps.


Setting up your profile

Make sure to set up your profile completely. There might be some features that you will not have access to if this is not done.


Present yourself on your feed

In order for others to know that you are a new platform member, it is important to introduce yourself in a short post so that other users know in which category you fall and whether you could be a potential business partner for them.


Find groups and friends

To build up your community on the Afri-EU platform, you should join groups and invite friends which you think fit to your profile and could be helpful for your business idea.


Business plan

Make use of the Startup Academy to find out everything you need to start a business. Write and present your own business plan. This way other members can see what your goal is and contact you if they are interested in doing business with you.


Post business idea

If you have a business idea, share this with the community. By doing this you might get feedback and could see whether your idea is interesting to other users.


Visit our learning portal

Our learning portal could offer interesting material for you or your business.


Visit our marketplace

Make use of our marketplace services. This could be helpful finding freelancers or potencial business partners.