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I have to share some good news about the community I live in, a small seaside town, in Cape Town, South Africa.

I stay in a community where our streets are filled with homeless people, staying on the street with only a mere blanket and perhaps a piece of cardboard keeping them warm. They are going from one garbage can to the next in hope of finding food. These waste foods salvaged from these garbage cans can be infected (especially now during COVID-19) and they certainly won’t be getting the needed nutrition from these bits of food found in other people’s trash. As a community and after years of talking, the community came together and held their first meeting to discuss the proposed sites for a Shelter for Gordon’s Bay and Strand. A number of proposed Ervens were suggested from both Strand and ourselves and the Sub Council-Manager will now revert back to us this week for a follow-up meeting after holding a discussion with COCT property department.

The next meeting will be held with Mayco members who are the decision-makers and with Mayor Dan Plato announcing this week that R30 million had been made available for shelters, this is our time to get what we have been asking for for years, like the one shelter in the Helderberg house or service those on the street. Once this has been decided more details will follow as to where this will be.

The other good news is that the proposal for a community vegetable garden that was submitted last year and accepted in September has been given a budget for two vegetable gardens in Ward 100.
The one site which is in Broadlands Park and then there are three sites that have been proposed for Gordon’s Bay and we should within the next two weeks know which site will be allocated.
As it will be a community garden run by the community, if there are residents who are interested in being part of this exciting project please give your details and we will be in touch as soon as we are ready to get going which should be within the next two weeks when we know what ground we have and planning can take place, and if there are any members that would like to share some ideas for building up and maintaining a healthy vegetable garden from scratch, please share as our community will need all the support and help we can get in order to have a sustainable vegetable garden.

The thought process has always been to run a similar operation to that in Somerset West which is very successful, but that decision will take place once we have established a committee from the community.

Have a great day, keep safe, wear a mask, sanitise and wash your hands!
A little bit of shared hope from Gordon’s Bay, South Africa.

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@peepso_user_2(Rozanne Boosfeld)
This is a great initiative! What resources and support do you guys need to start this project?